Caregiving for Royalty

This has been a hard week! My mom, who is 83 and a stroke victim, has been fighting bladder cancer for about two years. This entails appointments to look inside her bladder with a teensy camera, to see if surgery is needed, followed by either a surgery, and/or a round of 6 weekly treatments (a mild-ish chemo applied directly into the bladder). So far, she has had four bladder surgeries and three rounds of the chemo treatments. Mom does not tolerate any kind of medical treatment very easily. She feels discomfort more intensely than most, she is very sensitive, and has had WAY more than her share of problems with cancers. Her fear factor is through the roof. My role is to be the brave one, holding her hand, and dragging her along to make sure that she is getting the treatment that she needs. For me, this has been somewhat of a nightmare. Dad is 90 this year, and is not capable of driving her to her appointments, so they all fall on me. The scheduling, the time off work (THIS has been a big one), the actual driving either to Placerville or to Cameron Park, both are an hour drive from her place, and the sheer effort of keeping my attitude in a positive and loving place—even though we are doing all the right things, I am physically and mentally exhausted!

If I can feel the Fall, I can paint it!