Setting Intentions

It is evening here at the farm, and the sun is setting behind the pines. I can’t see much of the western sky through my studio window, but what peeks through the silhouettes of tall trees, is soft lavender. My day has been spent creating…sanding an uninspired painting off of a cradled birch panel, and getting it prepped for a new image, working on my laptop, creating this new blog. This work feels good. It feels important. This is how I pay it forward.

Dude the goat is getting settled for the evening, I can hear him munching on sweet alfalfa hay through the open barn shutters. It has been a hot July day, and he seems to like the heat. The chickens are whispering their “good nights” to each other as they get comfortable on their roosts. The air is starting to cool.

All I ever wanted to do was paint. I never really could see a future without creating art, and I have always been strongly driven to be a full time artist. I have not been able to take that leap yet, but I am heading in that direction, and I have faith that I will arrive. The struggle lately has been to find that delicate balance between my work life, and satisfying my soul. Finally, all of the separate facets of my life are combining and blending into a cohesive, colorful, lovely dream. My spiritual work feels like the catalyst that has accomplished what I have been working so hard, for so long to achieve with my creative life.

I am feeling so much gratitude. I have been given this creative gift, and I am learning how to be joyful in the having of it. I am finding wonderful, positive ways to experience the excitement and energy of it. I have always been an uplifter, a nurturer, a healer–so this next step feels like an expansion–one step more fully into the light!

I am setting intentions tonight: I intend for this blog to reach out to artists and art lovers, to find those who are in need of inspiration, and to shine a spotlight where it is most needed. I will post weekly here--some works in progress, some fun videos, and some tips and hacks for budding artists. I am looking forward, friends.... heart