Smoky Forest

Good smoky Friday...I have been overwhelmed by the Caldor Fire news over the past few days. We live way up Fiddletown Road. In the forest. We are about 7 +/- miles south-east of the flames. Wednesday night has been by far the hardest, as we were given an evacuation warning from our Amador County Sheriff's office. The night seemed so long, I didn't sleep much, and with it came dense, acrid smoke. It made me cough and my throat was scratchy. My car is packed with all of my most precious belongings, and the truck is fitted with a cage for Dude the Goat if we have to evacuate. My heart hurts for all of the people who have lost their homes. Many of my local friends are at risk. I love my little cabin, and I would hate to lose it.


This morning I felt a blossom of hope. I know this is far from over, but if we haven't lost our homes yet, maybe we won't. I have been praying for cool, humid weather. I have been praying for rain. I have been praying for the safety of our firefighters--that is not just a job for them—it is a calling.


So many kind and selfless acts are called into the light when there is an emergency. Neighbors checking on neighbors, friends calling with offers of support-“Do you need help moving animals?” or “Do you need a place to stay?” On Facebook, when Wood Angels posted that they needed help moving equipment, offers poured in from all corners of the county. A woman posted that she might need help moving horses, so many held out their hands. “Here is where you go to house your large animals…” “I live in Sacramento, and I have two extra rooms, and pets are welcome…” “Here is my cell number-call if there is anything that I can help with…”  


Can you feel the love and support that we have for each other? Can you see the light?  This is healing energy. Be safe, don't take chances. Keep your family close. Love you, friends.